Meet our Coaches

Larry Pejak

Jiujitsu / Co-Owner

Coach Pejak is a true student of Jiujitsu! Mr. Pejak took his first class 3+ years ago and was instantly hooked. His first thought was "why doesn't everyone learn this?". So from that dayhe has trained 6 days a week in order to learn and teach the best form of self defense on the planet! Being a affiliate with Rogue Owasso, Mr. Pejak is still learning and training in order to best train his students. Coach Pejak is a blue belt in Jiujitsu under Professor Monteriro and is currently training under Michael Mullinax.

Deb Pejak

Strength & Conditioning / Co-Owner

Coach Pejak was first attracted to weight lifting when she was 10, living in southern California. She remembers meeting a couple who were obviously bodybuilders and she thought how amazing they looked! She wanted to be like them when she grew up. Coach Pejak took her first weight lifting class in high school and was hooked. She lost 60 lbs in about 6 months through heavy weight lifting and high intensity interval training (HIIT). Coach Pejak owns her own business and is a personal trainer. We are blessed to have her as our Strength and Conditioning coach.

Tyler Holmes

Muay Thai and MMA

Coach Holmes is our Muay Thai and MMA coach. Mr. Holmes has an extensive background in wrestling and Jiojitsi. He started at a young age and knew he wanted to be a fighter. And he is! He believes that every good fighter has to know both great stand up and ground work. So he started training in Muay Thai 6 years ago. He teaches in a way that anyone can understand the strategy of striking. Coach Holmes is a great fighter and we are happy to have him on our team.

Zack Shambles


Coach Shambles has been in some form of grappling since he was a child. With a background in wrestling he transitioned into Jiujitsu to combine the two arts. He is a blue belt under Neito. The self proclaimed "best looking grappler in Oklahoma" has a knack for teaching a very unique and effective form of Jiujitsu. With multiple gold finishes at AGF, Fuji, Hunter Pro, Conquest New Breed, and Submission Only tournaments he helps our students get tournament ready all while learning the self-defence that Jiujitsu offers. We are happy to have Mr. Shambles on our team.

Zack Parrish

Jiujitsu - Kids Program

Coach Parrish assists in teaching our kids program. Coach Parrish has an extensive background in wrestling starting when he was the young age of 5! He has been with us for two years and is one of the strongest students and competitor we have. He has a love for teaching and is amazing at it. We are happy to have this young man on our team.

Mykell Myers

Strength & Conditioning

Coach Myers teaches Strength and Condition.